JSC „Žvyro karjerai“ was founded on the 24th of September in 1998.

The main activity of the company is the exploit of the quarries of sand and gravel.

The company exploits one of the biggest Trakai sand-gravel deposits in Lithuania (Serapiniškiai) which is in Senieji Trakai, Trakai district and Margis sand-gravel deposit which is in Kapčiškis village, Trakai district.

In the quarries various fractions of sand, gravel, gravel middlings and crushed gravel are produced from local natural resources. Also the company provides crushed dolomite, imports granite stock and it makes crushed granite of various fractions in Trakai gravel pit.

Manufactured products at JSC „Žvyro karjerai“  are used for road and railway constructions, for manufacturing asphalt, concrete and reinforced concrete, for various constructional works and groundscare.

For the convenience of costumers the company provides the transportation of the products and from Trakai quarry we can transport the products by railway. There is a railroad siding in the Trakai gravel pit.

One of the main JSC „Žvyro karjerai“ prior purpose is to manufacture and provide the products of high quality and satisfying the requirements of the customers. Aggregate manufacturing is sertificated by LST EN 12620; LST EN 13043; LST EN 13242; LST EN 13450 2+ system. Sand and gravel mix fr. 0/4, which is manufatured in the Trakai gravel pit, is given a title of „The best production of the year“. The company constantly invests in the modernization of mechanism and  the process of manufacture. In this way the company improves the quality of manufactured products  and the use of natural resources.

JSC „Žvyro karjerai“ takes a high position among Lithuanian aggregate building material manufacturers due to professional collective, products of high quality and responsible relation between costumers and suppliers.

JSC „Žvyro karjerai“ is the member of Lithuanian quarry association.

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